Dedra organized my Husband and I in our tiny little home when we got married a few years ago. Can’t believe Dedra was able to find a home for everything, it was so important being that the space was so small and no where to go. Now in a small home but much larger than before…Call in Dedra to the rescue. Dedra showed up eager, with a smile on her face ready to concur the new home. We are de cluttering and finding, and creating space for everything. I’m so excited with the process and could think of an easier, person to work with than Dedra.
Grateful client,

Kimberly Oliver

SoFlo Organizers helped me with my entry area – the first thing you see when you walk in the door of my home. And every time I walked in, I felt deflated that it was such a mess and overwhelmed at how to deal with it. Dedra was on time and her process is effective. We efficiently went through the “stuff” and it went in bins to donate, sell or trash. For sale items were posted online immediately and the trash bin was emptied at the end of the process. Dedra even took the items to be donated – probably so they wouldn’t find their way back in the mix. My entry is clean, clear and clutter-free. I look forward to walking in my door every day now!

Thank you Dedra and SoFlo Organizers.

Thank you so much Dedra for organizing my house and garage cause before you came in and did your magic in the house and garage it was a total wreck.  Now, all things are in place and the house looks like a model home and now I can find my golf clubs in the garage.

Dedra was very professional on the phone and in person and easy to talk to.
I highly recommend Dedra and her company to all and no one will be disappointed with her and all the magic she can do in your house.